Does Exposure To Air Pollution Lead To Obesity?

People are already aware of the fact that air pollution leads to various issues in lungs, heart and sinuses. Air pollution is the major reason for the various health problems.

Scientists say that your weight increases not only because of poor life style, junk food or lack of exercise, breathing in polluted air is also the reason for increase in your weight.

A study done on rats show that the rats which breathed polluted air had significantly more weight than other rats and were also affected by obesity and other health related problems.

According to the experts it has been confirmed that high level of air pollution has not only increased the risk of respiratory diseases like various lungs problems, poor heart functioning it can also cause major health problems like obesity, poor foetal development and higher risk of miscarriage.

Chronic exposure to air pollution increases the risk of obesity and diabetes in human.

Of the tests which were performed on rats are transferred to humans it can be made clear that air pollution can also cause obesity in humans.

Preventive step

People can prevent themselves from various pollution problems by making sure that the air which the breath indoor is free of pollution.

People spend 90% of their time indoors so keeping the air inside the home, school, offices clean will not only reduce the chances of respiratory problems on the members inside the house but will also prevent them various health issues.

As per the guidelines of the experts indoor air pollution is a major concern for the world than outdoor air pollution.




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