How Do You Detect Air Leaks In Air Conditioning System?

Air leaks in the air conditioning system can cause due to cracks or opening in doors and windows. Air leak in the system reduce the energy efficiency of your system, makes it work harder, take longer time to cool the home and results in high electric bill.

Cracks can occur in electric outlets, baseboards, attic doors or hatches, vents and fans etc. Finding out the air leaks inside your house is a very easy job.

Air trapped inside the walls of the house can move out through electric outlets.

Few steps that will help you to detect the leak

Step 1: checking doors and windows

If you find the light coming from your doors and windows they are most likely leaking.

Try to shake the windows of your house if they move easily that also means your window is leaking air.

Step 2: finding leak with candle

Light the candle and walk around those places of the house where there are chances of air leak. Pass the light around electric outlets, light fixtures, crown moulding and phone jacks.

If you can see the light moving or shaking around these places than there might be small cracks causing air leaks.

Step 3: leaky ducts

Metal ducts that are not screwed properly result in large amount of air leaks.

Ducts are damaged when people come in contact with them in attics or other storage places.

Step 4: checking panels

Make sure that all the panels are screwed properly. Check and ensure that all the panels are properly placed.

Step 5: outdoor leaks

Outdoor air conditioners also make the air conditioner to work harder to remove the heat from the unit.

Check the corners of the exterior wall and find out if there is any gap between them.

Make sure siding is aligned accurately with windows and chimneys.

Step 6: leak detectors

Sue a leak detector to check for the air leaks. Point the device where there are chances of leak.

If there are air leaks in the air conditioning system light will turn red.

Step 7: professional checking

If you tried searching for leaks all around the house and you were not able to detect any leak in the house. Call a professional to check the leaks.

They make use of their comprehensive tools to find out the leaks inside your system.




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