RWEYQ144PYDN Daikin VRV W III Outdoor Unit 12 TON 460V cool and heat split system
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Daikin Ductless Mini Split

The VRV W Series offers an energy saving alternative to traditional centralized equipment. Its remarkable compact and light weight structure makes installation of VRV technology in large buildings possible. At only 330 lbs. and less than 40” high, the VRV W Series can take a ride up the elevator to be installed in a machine room. Offering state of the art comfort for hotels, offices and large commercial applications, the engineer solution tool box just got bigger. The VRV system keeps running costs at an absolute minimum by controlling each zone individually and being able to shut down completely in unoccupied areas.

Water-Side Infrastructure & Components

  • A water loop system is routed around the building, either vertically or horizontally. This can be either plastic or steel pipe work.
  • Heat Injection (Boilers) and Rejection (Cooling Tower or Dry Coolers) are required to ensure that the water loop stays between the required design conditions of 67 and 95 ° F.
  • VRV-WIII condensers are connected to the water loop and the connecting refrigerant circuit serves indoor units the same as any Air cooled VRV system.
  • The following Water Side components are required:
    • Strainer (Mandatory – Field Supplied)
    • Flow Switch or Differential Pressure Switch (Essential)
    • Thermostat (For Water Temperature)
    • Circulation Pumps
    • Adjustable Flange
  • Operation Range of Water Volume is 13.2 ~ 39.5 gpm.  The optimum water volume is 16 gpm or more.
  • The Operation range for Inlet Water Temp is 50 ~ 113 F. The Optimum Water Temp Range is 67 ~ 95 F.
  • The Geothermal Operation range for Inlet Water Temp is 14 ~ 95 F during heating operation, and 27 ~ 113 F during cooling operation. 

      Standard VRV-WIII

      Standard VRV-WIII Specifications

      SpecificationApplication Rules
      Water Flow Rate (minimum)16.4 - 38.5 (13.2) gpm
      [62-150 (50) l/m]
      Water Temp Range Cooling50 - 113 ° F (10 - 45 ° C)
      Water Temp Range Heating50 - 113 ° F (10 - 45 ° C)
      Water Temp Range Simultaneous Cooling & Heating50 - 113 ° F (10 - 45 ° C)
      Glycol Allowance0 - 50%
      Glycol TypePropylene / Ethylene
      Connection Ratio50 - 130%

      Geothermal Enhanced VRV-WIII

      SpecificationApplication Rules
      Water Flow Rate21 - 40 gpm (80 - 150 l/m)
      Water Temp Range Cooling48 (27)* - 113 ° F (9 (-3) - 45 ° C)
      Water Temp Range Heating14 - 113 ° F (-10 - 45 ° C)
      Water Temp Range Simultaneous Cooling & Heating48 - 113 ° F (9 - 45 ° C)**
      Glycol Allowance0 - 50%***
      Glycol TypePropylene / Ethylene
      Connection Ratio50 - 130%

      *Application rules apply below 48 ° F. Please contact your local Daikin office for design assistance and approval.

      ** EWT in simultaneous heating and cooling operation can be lower than 48°F if the condenser is in heating dominant heat recovery operation. (contact your local Daikin office for further details)

      *** EWT operation range is limited to 23°F (-5°C) with 30% glycol, 40-50% glycol must be used with water temperatures below 23°F down to a limit of 14°F.

      System Details

      • The Condensing Unit Heat Rejection Rate is:
        • RWEYQ72 - 0.64kW / Hour
        • RWEYQ84 - 0.71kW / Hour
        The Max. Water Pressure the Condensing Unit BPHE can handle is 285psi (or 640ft of head).

        The Water Flow Head Loss is:

        Water Volumegpm13.215.925.431.739.6
        Head LossftH203.786.368.8713.2517.56



      Water Cooled VRV

      Water cooled VRV systems are equivalent to 4-pipe chilled water systems, but also offer a viable alternative to water-source heat pump solutions. Each connected indoor unit can provide heating or cooling independently to suit zone requirements, making these systems suitable for both open plan spaces and individual zones with varying temperature requirements.

      1. Brazed plate heat exchanger
      2. High efficiency compressor
      3. Smooth sine wave DC inverter
      4. Integrated water loop control
      5. Compact design

      1. Brazed plate heat exchanger

      Refrigerant-to-water heat transfer is accomplished using a high efficiency, brazed plate heat exchanger. Water pressure drop through the heat exchanger is minimized, and an industry leading water temperature range allows for entering water temperatures as low as 27°F in cooling and 14°F in heating.

      The brazed plate heat exchanger also enables a much more compact design over other types of heat exchangers, which contributes to such a low footprint.

      2. High efficiency compressor

      Daikin’s unique scroll compressor minimizes heat loss and is driven by a high efficiency motor to achieve significant Energy savings. 


      *High thrust mechanism:
      By introducing high pressure oil, the reactive force from the fixed scroll is added to the internal force, thereby reducing thrust losses.  This results in improved efficiency and suppressed sound levels.

      3. Smooth sine wave DC inverter

      By adoption of the Sine Wave, which smoothes the rotation of the motor, operation efficiency is greatly improved.

      4. Integrated water loop control

      An integrated operational output allows the water cooled VRV system to energize and de-energize pumps or open and close isolation valves when the system is not in operation.  An integrated flow proving input provides an interface for a water loop flow meter to ensure the system’s compressors do not operate if there is a loss of flow in the water loop. 

      5. Compact design

      The water-cooled VRV design is based on a modular concept; all water-cooled condensers are of the same dimensions, and are available in 6-Ton and 7-Ton modules.  With a footprint of only 4.6 square feet, a height of only 39 inches, and the ability to stack modules, a 28-ton system requires only about 10 square feet of floor space. 

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