Plant Seed Papers And Save The Earth

Planting papers! Well, to a person not aware of this phenomenon, this may sound absolutely crazy. But yes, seed papers do exist. Seed papers are biodegradable eco-paper made from post-consumer materials. No trees are cut to make them. These papers are embedded with seeds. When the use of the paper is finished, they can be planted in pots of soil. The seeds inside them start germinating into new plants. The paper will compost away.

Quite a few companies in the US are manufacturing these small wonders which can be used for various purposes such as, wedding cards, greeting cards, sell invitations, vouchers and you name it. When the purpose is served, all you need to do is bury them in pot of soil or just throw them anywhere in a soil surface rather than throwing them in garbage bin. Paper waste is one the major types of waste across the earth. Paper dishes, paper cups, paper planes, paper towels, newspapers, toilet paper, printer paper, are found in every garbage heap. They are filling up the landfills. According to the EPA 34 million tons of paper was thrown away in 2008 and paper makes up 13% of solid waste in the USA alone. Although most papers are biodegradable but thriving paper industries depends entirely on deforestation for their raw materials. So if you can recycle papers and on the top of it use it to grow new plants then what can be better than that?

Bloomin is doing a great job in this aspect. It has in fact, recreated the paper-product industry. All its products are made from 100% post-industrial, recycled paper. They are dyed with totally-natural, vegetable-based pigments. The printing is done with water and soy based inks. Their packaging is largely corn-based. To top it all, their production facilities are sustainable, too. The center is powered by a 30 kW solar power system. Their products include:

• Save the dates
• Holiday cards
• Wedding invitations
• Matchbooks
• Coupons
• Confetti

Now when you send invitation card to friends always make that to use seed papers. By using them you not only get beautiful cards designed but also send gardening gifts in form of seeds of flax, herbs, carrots, and even trees!





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