Types Of Solar Air Conditioners

 Solar power is extracted by converting solar energy into electricity. It is a great source of energy as it is both sustainable and renewable. It can be tapped for next for billions of year until the sun runs out. This energy source is deal for running air conditioners. Mark, the need of AC reaches its peak at daytime when the heat also reaches its ultimate limit. The sun’s energy in its abundance can be tapped at these hours to power air conditioners. Let’s take look at different types of solar air conditioners that are available.

 Conventional air conditioner powered by solar power

These are just like normal air conditioner only they are connected to a solar photo voltaic array (solar cells). However as the power requirement is quite high for conventional air conditioner, they also need to be connected to power panel which gets its supply from the utility grid. These are solar assisted air conditioner, in which the sun’s energy supplies about 10-20% of the power requirement. If used and installed efficient it can cut down your power consumption for an AC by 30%. It can be used in nighttime, by storing solar power in batteries.

 Solar absorption (or adsorption) Cooling

These air conditioners use solar thermal collection to supply the heat for an adsorption or absorption chiller. A chiller is a machine that uses a heat source to generate chilled water rather than electrical source. Solar chillers work in a similar fashion to conventional kerosene fridge or a propane camping fridge. The only difference is that here the heat is being generated through high temperature water from solar collectors, rather than by burning kerosene or propane.

 Solar A/C using desiccants

This is new and environmentally friendly technology, which is being used to condition the interiors of vast spaces without banking on traditional refrigerants. It is an open heat driven cycle. It uses both a desiccant wheel and thermal wheel which work in coordination to render cooling and de humidification. The desiccant system uses substances like silica gel to dehumidify the air. The air is then cooled by evaporating water. This heat driven system is fueled by solar thermal energy. These systems are not subject to much corrosion and microbial growth.

Solar thermal induced ventilation

This is also called the solar chimney in which a "heat chimney" is used to induce a draft to give ventilation without requiring a fan. The chimney is painted in black to allow it to absorb maximum solar heat. The heat transfers to air inside the chimney. The hot air at the base of the chimney rises due to natural convection and flows outside the house. This air is replaced by cooler air which is drawn into the building through cool underground tubes. This also called geothermal cooling.Remember, the ground is always cooler than the outside air in summer months.



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