Why Is A Spring Tune-up Helpful?

Spring is the undoubtedly the most beautiful season of the year. The verdurous bloom that you enjoy at this time isn’t to be seen at any other time of the annual wheel. But spring is soon followed by summer. And the thought of summer brings to the mind the image of an air conditioner that can save you from the scorching heat. You will be using your air conditioner after a gap of few months. Many things could have happened to the unit during this time. It is always wise to get you’re a/c servicing done in spring. Let’s see why.

Your air conditioner has been dormant throughout the winter. So after such a long time when you power it on, it may not turn on or go on and off intermittently. Long period of hibernation makes coil dirty. Almost a matted layer of dust sits on it. So when you power it on the air coming from it smells musty. The drain could have clogged which may cause water to overflow from the air handler. The coils can become leaky giving out refrigerant .This may cause a stress on the compressor and system may fail prematurely. A spring tune up will save oodles of dollars on repair issues early in the cooling season. Spring tune ups help to combat allergies as it includes professional cleaning of the system parts, which can help to promote healthier indoor air.

Spring is a time for freshening up the home environment. This makes it an appropriate time for an AC tune-up. Not only it braces up your cooling unit to endure the summer months without break down, but also offers you many discount schemes on tune-ups. You can check the special offers on a seasonal AC tune-up by various service providers. Spring is a mild month as a result the HVAC industry faces downswing in their business at this time. The do not have many repair calls to address at this time. Nor is the sale of air conditioners high. So they try to grab business by offering special discounts on tunes up and repairs. If you wait till summer to get your cooler tuned up, you will have hard time to get good contractors who will take days to reach you doorstep. This is because they are piled with service calls during summer.





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