Heater Repair

 How do you know that your heater needs a professional repair?

If a room heater suddenly stops working, you need not schedule a service call with a repair company immediately. Try to troubleshoot the problem yourself. It may not be that grave and can be resolved at home itself. It will save you money that you will shell out as repair cost to a professional service.

 If the heater shuts off…

Check if the thermostat is set at the correct level. If not, set the thermostat at the correct temperature. If the filters are dirty, clean them. Clogged filters restrict the flow of air. Too low airflow leads to drastic drop in air pressure. When the pressure falls, the pressure switch turns the heater off. Also check if drapery, plants, or furnishings are not encroaching upon the breathing space of the heater.

 If cleaning the filter does not remedy the situation, check the shutoff valve. This valve opens when it gets direction from the thermostat to generate heat. The opening of the valve allows the fuel to flow to the burner for ignition. See if the valve is opening to supply fuel. If you have an electric heater, check if the connections are tight and that there is no rust at the terminals. If the connections are fine then it is time to take a look at the transformer. You can do so with a voltmeter. The reading should be between 20 to 28 volts. Check the fuse and breakers.In case the fuse is blown, replace it. If there is a tripped breaker, reset it.

 If there is a gas leak…

If you have a heater than runs on gas, then check for smell of gas leaks. If you detect such smell do not use any ignition devices. Calla repair service ASAP. If the odor is strong, leave the premises. Otherwise turn off the gas valve.

 If the pilot light is not on…

If you have an older model of gas furnace then you gadget is likely to be having a pilot light. If the pilot light does not stay lit then there may be problem in the thermos couple. The orifice could also be clogged or the pilot flame is set at low. In case of the latter, you can set it high. If the orifice is clogged then just clean it with help of a thin wire.

 If the heater is noisy…

Sometimes you hear bizarre noises coming from your heater which sounds like banging,whining or grinding. These are generally due to blockages in the filter and hoses. Clear the blockages. A noisy heater indicates that it runs even after the pump is off. This is risky. This is related to faulty pressure switch.

If none of the troubleshooting measures work, call a repair service A malfunctioning heater can be a serious safety hazard. If none of these troubleshooting procedures work, call a service professional immediately.

 Disclaimer: Although these are the typical methods used to troubleshoot a heater, they can vary from place. Please consult the professional service provider as the details are for information purposes.

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