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 Top 5 Central AC Brands

Today with growing demand of air conditioners, the number of AC manufacturers has also increased by manifold. It is not a cakewalk to tell the best one among these. When shopping for ACs, you will find most of the brands offer a set of common features. There are some special features which differ from brand to brand. But if one company offers one special feature, then the other one offsets it by giving you another special one. If you are looking for a central air conditioner, here are top 5 central air conditioner brands.


Trane has always been known for its quality products. The story of Trane can be likened to classical American story of rising to global fame. The story began with founder James Trane, a Norwegian immigrant to the US who opened his plumbing shop in Wisconsin in 1885. To beat the chilly winters of Wisconsin, Trane invented a low pressure heating system which he proudly called Trane Vapor Heating System. A few years later his son who was back from college with a degree in mechanical engineering invented a convector radiator. This invention established the company’s reputation as an innovator. In 1931 Trane pioneered as an air conditioner manufacturer. Its primary focus was cooling larger buildings. Standing true to it commitment it brought the first hermetic, centrifugal refrigeration machine in 1938. Since then Trane has made long successful strides in manufacturing durable and cost-efficient products. Some popular central AC models of Trane are XV20i, XL20i, XV18i, XL16i, XR17 and many more.


Almost a century ago, Edwin Ruud, a Norwegian mechanical engineer, came to America and designed an automatic water heater. This marked the beginning of an organization which was to become one of the leading air conditioner companies of North America and the world. Ruud is known for employing highly trained workers and state-of-the-art equipment for its manufacturing process. The product lines that included residential and commercial heating cooling products have changed significantly over the year against greater efficiency and performance. The design techniques and manufacturing process also underwent changes for betterment. However, Ruud has remained unchanged in its guarantee to offer the most reliable, long-lasting, and efficient equipment. Ruud Achiever is quite a popular central air conditioner model from Ruud.


It has become a name in residential and commercial heating and cooling units. It was founded in 1982 in Houston, Texas. It stands for quality and affordability of indoor comfort products in the market.Its product warranties are really lucrative. The ACs are user-friendly for installation and maintenance. DSXC 16 has earned good reviews among Goodman central air conditioners


Amana is a household name in heating and cooling products after its innovative product line called the walk-in cooler. The Amana products are manufactured with the goal of becoming benchmark for finest performance, durability, reliability, and suited to comfort needs. Their superior craftsmanship and world-class manufacturing processes has made them a key player in air conditioning industry. Their products undergo a rigorous quality assurance scrutiny. If you are looking for a central AC from Amana, you can check out ASXC18 A/C System. It has 19 SEER rating.


Lennox was founded in 1895, in Marshall town, Iowa, by Dave Lennox. Dave rana machine repair business for railroads. He invented a riveted steel coal-fired furnace and got a patent for it. This began the journey of Lennox which developed many heating, cooling and climate control solutions since then. Today the company is focused on three core businesses: Residential Heating and Cooling, Commercial Heating and Cooling, and Refrigeration. XC21 is a popular central air conditioner from Lennox.


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