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How to find the right heating and cooling companies to buy and/or repair air conditioners near me?

Among the various domestic household necessities, HVAC systems are on top of the list for air quality and room comfort of your home. They are a “must have” for all your heating and cooling needs. AC contractors and reputed heating and cooling companies are usually swamped with advance bookings during busy season. If you an HVAC contractor looking to reach out to more customers and grow your business, you can list your business with us and we will ensure potential customers find you on the top searches.

When should you replace your hvac system?

1. Your air conditioner is older than 10 years. Usually, a well-maintained AC lasts for around 15 years compared to expensive repairs replacement becomes a better option for the long run.

2. Older air conditioning units with low SEER ratings usually drain your energy bills. A new air conditioner with high SEER rating will help save on energy bills and mostly will function with advanced new air filtration technology.

3. Do you face regular breakdowns? Another reason for replacement is daily expense on repairs. If you have to call hvac repair expert on regular basis, it only makes sense to replace the air conditioner which is more economical in the long run!

4. Your AC still uses old refrigerant. R 22 Freon has been phased out and replaced with new refrigerant R410A which is more environmental friendly and efficient!

What is the average installation cost of an AC?

Depending on the type of air conditioner you buy and size of your building, you can expect to pay anywhere between $95 - $250 an hour for a licensed and insured hvac installer.

Finding the right size with proper features for your home is important. For example, if you need heat pump unit v/s electric heat is something you may want to discuss with your installer. In many states Gas Furnace is a better option, while in states like Florida heat pump is all that might be needed. Usually the price difference between AC v/s Heat pump units is marginal that allows homeowners to install heat pumps at a very reasonable price. Installing a system with variable speed compressor v/s single speed is something else you should discuss with your contractor. Adding UV filters v/s traditional filters are few options to look at when replacing a unit.

What are the common types of air conditioner systems?

Central Air Conditioning System –
Primarily, it is best for large buildings, houses, hotels, offices, factories, etc. A central AC consists of a large compressor having the capacity to produce tons of air conditioning.

Split Air Conditioner –
This type of AC is made of two parts – outdoor comprised of the condenser, compressor and expansion valve and indoor comprised of a cooling fan and evaporator coil. It is ideal for cooling one or two rooms.

Packaged Air Conditioner –
It is the perfect type for cooling larger spaces, multiple rooms in your office or home. It comes with two arrangements. First includes all the components like the condenser, compressor, evaporator coil, expansion valve, cooling fan fitted in one single box. There’s a high capacity blower through which the cooled air escaped into the area, flowing through the ducts set in various rooms. The second arrangement includes the condenser and compressor set in one casing whereas there are individual units of expansion valve and cooling coil fitted in various rooms through which the compressed gas passes for further functioning.

Window Air Conditioner – Designed to cool one room, this type consists of all the components such as expansion valve, condenser, compressor, cooling or evaporator coil in one single box. It is the most cost-effective option when it comes to cooling a single room.

Portable Air Conditioner –
Yet another type of the air conditioning system, it consists of a movable self-contained AC unit placed comfortably on the floor of a room. The exhausted heat is discharged through a hose vent set in an exterior wall. Though a bit noisier, it remains to be a great solution for highly hot rooms.

Above are the most commonly used air conditioning units other than Solar Systems, Geothermal Systems etc. Your local AC contractor/installer can help you make the best decision on heating and cooling unit that fits perfect for your application. Feel free to email us with any further queries or contact any of the contractors listed on this website to request a free estimate for repairs and/or new installations.

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