Save Money On Ac Tune-ups With Spring Offers

Every year, spring cleaning comes like a biological imperative. The patterns of nature change as winter gradually wanes and spring sets in. The sun takes a longer time to disappear below the horizon in the evenings, the chill in the air dwindles a, dryness and coldness on the skin and bones leave. At your end you brace yourself to clean up the house of all the dirt and clutter that accumulated in winter. The furniture is shifted from their places to sweep and mop the floor underneath them. The carpets and the mattresses are cleaned with autumn cleaner the linens find their way to the washing machines. The rooms start smelling of disinfectants. Yes, you are gripped by the urge to spring clean the house. In fact, we all are. Spring cleaning is a ritual in the West. It is lately being commercialized too. You will find whole lot of articles in magazines and newspapers about spring cleaning. With that come ads of an array of chemicals and gadgets to spruce up the house. It’s kind of an unconscious, collective movement.

However besides cleaning the physical belongings of your house, mopping the floors, decluttering the closets, weeding the garden and planting new plants, it is also important to clean the indoor air. It is absolutely vital that your indoor air is safe to keep you and your family healthy. There are various ways to do so. If the air ducts which accumulates dust and debris over time has not been cleaned in last three to four years, contact a duct cleaner to get it cleaned. Contaminated ducts can play key role in causing indoor air pollution. Beside dust they get infected with germs, bacteria and molds. Leaky ducts need to be repaired and insulated.

On an average an American spends 87% of his time indoors. Unfortunately, pollution inside can actually be up to 100X higher than outdoor air. Therefore it is important to take all necessary steps to make the indoor air breathable and healthy. You can also get a filtration device fitted in the house such as a HEPA filters. These filters can remove up to 99.97% of contaminants in indoor air. You can also go for germicidal UV light systems, which emits UV rays of short wavelength to kill airborne microorganism. They can reduce their percentage in the air by almost half in 45vminues.

If your existing system is quite old, it is time to throw it out. It is already eating excess energy to heat and cool your house. Upgrade your house with a modern, energy efficient heating and air conditioning system. Buy an energy star-rated unit to save energy cost. Another petty but useful tip is to lower the temperature setting of your thermostat. You do not need to crank it up any more as winter is almost gone You can save 3% in heating energy by lowering your thermostat by just one degree.

If your house has a poor insulation, get it properly insulated. Use weather stripping in the windows. Ventilation is very important to ensure healthy indoor air. A mechanical ventilator will ensure optimum flow of air from outside into your house to replace the stale indoor air.

Spring is the time when array of discounts are on offer by the contractors on heating and AC precision tune-ups, on purchase of a new home comfort system. These rebates can save you up to 30% on your maintenance bills!





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