Right Time To Upgrade Your Furnace

Original: Should You Upgrade Your Furnace?

Right time to upgrade your furnace

A furnace lives on an average around 18-20 years. However age is not the only thing which determines the right time to replace your furnace. There are various factors which are to be considered.

Buying a furnace requires large investment but you have to replace it after a certain time period. Inefficient furnace consumes will not be able to keep the home warm and consume high energy resulting in high energy bills.

The smart time to upgrade your furnace is before the failure of your not when the unit starts causing problems.

1. Age of the furnace

Components of the furnace have similar amount of life. Once the furnace has reached to the end of its life it will require regular repair works. When you replace the one component other component will fail.

If your furnace is more than 20 years old instead of replacing the components you must go for upgrading your furnace.

2. Reduced efficiency

When the furnace comes to the end of its life it starts losing its efficiency. If your energy bills are high during the winter months it would be because of your highly inefficient furnace.

3. Increasing repair costs

When the furnace comes to the end of its life it will start to have costly breakdowns. It is advisable to change the furnace if the cost repair is 50% of the cost of new furnace.

4. High noises

If you hear banging, clicking or jolting noises it is a sign of a mechanical problem. It might be because of the loosen component or completely separated component.

A new high efficiency unit will operate without making much of the sound, if noise is too loud in your furnace it might be good reason to upgrade to a high efficiency furnace.

5. Lack of comfort

If your furnace is taking too long to heat the house or is not able to reach the required temperature it might be because of the inefficiency of the furnace. After certain time furnace become inefficient and create comfort problems.

To make the best decision we will suggest contacting a HVAC professional to assist you whether it requires a replacement or not.




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