Furnace Maintenance Process

No matter which heating or cooling device is installed in your home for the device to work properly it requires a regular maintenance. If there isn’t any maintenance of the system it will reduce its life. System will take lot more time to heat your house. Maintenance will keep your furnace in good condition for many years.

How to do furnace maintenance

Checking your furnace

Before you think of doing the furnace maintenance make sure that there is no gas leak or any other dangerous issue inside your furnace. If there is a major problem call a professional to check the unit.

Replacing the air filters

Replace the air filters of your home to ensure proper supply of the air inside the system and to make sure that air reaching inside the house is free of dirt and dust.

Thermostat maintenance

If the room does not reach the desired temperature make sure that thermostat is set to heating mode. Try to change the batteries of your thermostat.

Cleaning your furnace

Clean your furnace from time to time to keep it away from dust and debris. Cleaning of the furnace includes

• cleaning heat exchanger
• cleaning blower motor
• Cleaning flue pipes.

Cleaning the ducts

Maintenance of your furnace also includes cleaning the ducts as they are the source for the air to reach the house. If you find any leak in the system use duct seal tape to fix the leak, this will help to increase the efficiency.

Cleaning the vents

Clean all the supply vents of your system use a vacuum cleaner to clean the supply vents. Ventilation can get blocked due to large amount of dirt or dust in the house. Cleaning the vents ensure proper ventilation inside the house.

Inspecting the blower motor

Blower motor is located inside the furnace remove the panels and take out the blower assembly. Cleaning and oiling your blower assembly will prevent them from any damage and help in smooth working of the furnace.

Other suggestions:

• Checking the burners for proper ignition, burner flame and flame sense.
• Checking the drainage system for the blockages.
• Checking the hoses present inside the furnace.

Importance of maintenance

• Regular maintenance ensures your furnace runs smoothly and provides maximum comfort to you.
• Maintenance of the furnace keeps it away from regular repair work.
• Regular maintenance increase energy efficiency and results in reducing utility bills.
• Maintenance of the furnace ensures proper air flow and proper heating inside the house.


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