Types Of Commercial Hvac

 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment is now part of every household and commercial buildings to heat and cool air for comfortable temperature and humidity indoors. They also ventilate the indoor air by bringing in fresh outdoor air and replacing the stale interior air. They dilute interior airborne contaminants like pol lens allergens, molds and eliminate stenches from occupants, volatile organic compounds emitted by interior furnishings, chemicals used for cleaning, etc. A commercial HVAC will not be similar to a residential HVAC unit. These will of course have larger capacities than the small residential units. Let’s take a look at the types of commercial HVAC systems-

 Single zone systems

The single zone HVAC systems are suited for small restaurants, cafeterias, and single family homes and apartments. They have single control panel for the entire system. These have capacities to cool multiple rooms or some floors of a commercial building. These are named single zone as they have one control panel. They are less cumbersome and therefore less expensive. However you will not enjoy the temperature control from room to room. Some rooms could be cooler and some could be hotter.

 Multiple zone units

These units are great for cooling whole apartment buildings or office complexes. These have multiple control panels. As result you can vary the temperature form room to room according to the need. Some of the rooms may be getting more exposure of the sun compared to others. You can lower the temperature of these rooms than those which are not heated by the sunlight as much. It’s also great for cutting energy costs!

 Constant volume HVAC systems

Constant volume HVAC systems are great for crowded spaces. They provide a constant flow of air for heating and cooling spaces. As a result a constant temperature is maintained throughout the area.

Variable volume HVAC systems

In variable HVAC systems the room temperature can be changed from room to room according to needs. This is done by controlling the volume of air that is going to the rooms. All rooms in a commercial space will require the same amount of heating and cooling.

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