Go Green With Your Hvac System

HVAC system accounts to nearly 40% of your total energy consumption. If not controlled HVAC systems can have significant effect on environment. With increasing energy costs and increasing global warming issues green HVAC systems are becoming popular.

You can make your regular air conditioner eco-friendly by performing some simple tasks. Following these tips will not only help to protect the environment but also help you to save money.

1. Cleaning air filters

Air filters purify the air of your house and provide you clean and fresh air to breathe. Air filters trap dirt particles inside them and get dirty. Dirty air filters will not purify the air and result in indoor air pollution.

Dirty air filters also result in reduced air flow and make your conditioner work harder resulting in energy wastage. Use HEPA air filters as they can remove up to 99.97% of the impurities present in the air.

2. Checking duct work

Duct work o your house may not be properly sealed or insulated. Call HVAC professionals for cleaning and sealing your duct work. You must get your ducts inspected in every two or three years.

3. Achieving energy efficiency

Get your system annually inspected and tuned up by the professionals. Regular tune up of your furnace will save up to 30% of your energy bills.

Make sure that your home is properly insulated and seal all the air leaks it will help to reduce the energy cost by 20%.

4. Upgrading your system

Upgrading your system will not only help to save the planet but is also going to save your money. If your heating or cooling system is old it will consume lot more energy than it usually does which results in energy wastage.

Upgrade your HVAC system with a new high efficiency system which will reduce your energy cost by 50%.

Make your conditioner eco friendly by following these tips which will reduce indoor air pollution, save energy, save money and save your planet.

If you want to go green call a professional to provide you suggestions on how to make your system eco-friendly.




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