Ductless Split Units

Ductless air conditioners are less expensive permanent air conditioners. If your house is too small for central ACs or you want to cool only small place than ductless system would be a perfect choice for you.

Ductless systems are suitable for the house which does not have duct work installed. Indoor unit of the ductless air conditioner is mounted high on the wall.


Like a central air conditioner ductless system is made up of two major components outdoor unit and the indoor air handling unit.

Outdoor unit is placed on the concrete slab near the wall. Outdoor unit is mainly made up of three parts

1. Compressor
2. Condensing coil
3. Fan

Indoor unit is mounted high on the exterior wall and is connected to the outdoor unit with the help of refrigerant line.

How does it work?

• The working of the ductless air conditioner is similar of the working of central air conditioner.

• When the air conditioner is turned on outdoor compressor cools the refrigerant present inside the system.

• This cooled refrigerant is then transferred to the indoor air handler unit through the refrigerant line.

• The fan present inside the unit turns on and the cool air received from the refrigerant is transferred inside the room.

• Warm air and the condensate present inside the indoor unit are transferred to the compressor through copper lines moved outside the system.

Types of ductless system

1. Mini split

A mini split air conditioner includes a single indoor air handler unit and a outdoor compressor. Mini split ACs are useful to cool single room.

2. Multi split

When multiple indoor air handler units are connected to a single outdoor unit it is called as multi split system. Multi split ACs are useful in cleaning the several parts of the house.

In multi split system separate temperature control is installed in each room.

Benefits of ductless system
• Ductless systems do not make noise while operation and are easily controlled with the help of remote so they provide high level of comfort.

• Ductless systems are smaller than central air conditioner so they consume less energy.

• Ductless systems are cheaper than other heating and cooling devices so they help in saving large amount of money.

• Maintenance cost of ductless system is low.

• Instead of extending the home’s existing ductwork, a ductless system can provide efficient heating and cooling at a lower operational cost.

• Ductless systems are easy to install than other cooling devices.



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