How Is Low Ambient Kit Installed In Hvac Units?

A normal air conditioner does not operate when the outside temperature is below 60oF, as the outdoor coil will start freezing. Low ambient kit controls the speed of the fan increase the head pressure and temperature of the unit which makes the unit feel like the temperature is around 60-70 degrees and the unit will run properly without freezing the outdoor coils.

Procedure to install low ambient kit

Step 1:

Turn off the power of your air conditioner and disconnect the outdoor unit.

Step 2:

Remove the access panels of the outdoor unit with the help of the screw driver.

Step 3:

Disconnect the wires of the outdoor fan motor form the contactors, before disconnecting make sure you label the wires or take a picture of wire connections.

Step 4:

Search for the pressure tap is normally located near the liquid line.

Step 5:

Place few drops of oil in the pressure switch. Oil in the switch will work as the lubricant.

Step 6:

For unit with single fan for compressor: Join the switch to the outdoor coil of the air conditioning unit at the return end, you can use a tape to join them.

For unit with multi compressor fan: join the switch to the bottom of the coil and fixing them with the help of tape.

Step 7:

Connect one end of the wire to the pressure switch with the help of connector or nut, other end to the contactor on the outdoor section.
If you are connecting the wire to the heat pump make sure to make use of the relay.

Step 8:

Turn on the power of your air conditioner or heat pump. And verify the working of your system.

Verifying your unit

1. Turn on the power from the thermostat.
2. Set the temperature on thermostat bellow the room temperature.
3. Wait for the system to work there would the delay of 3-5 minutes in thermostat and outdoor unit.
4. The will be off till room temperature reaches the set point. Fan starts working once temperature reaches set point and will run to make sure that temperature is maintained.
5. When the temperature outside is near to 00f won’t work at all.
6. In hotter days fan will start work with in the 30 sec after compressor starts.
7. When the temperature outside is between 80-20f fan will turn on and off continuously.



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