Deadly Effects Of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Most of the people think that the air pollution is outside the and they air which they breath indoors is mostly free from pollutant. However Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proved that air inside the house can be 4 times more polluted than the outside air.

As the most of time is spend in the indoors it is important to assure that the air which we breath is free of pollutants. Indoor air pollution is caused due to many reasons tobacco smoke, fumes containing carbon monoxide gas coming from furnaces, inadequate ventilation and dirty air filters of your HVAC system or dirty ducts.

Indoor air pollution can have various harmful and dangerous effects on the members of the house.

1. Bad health

If the quality of the air inside the home is bad it can cause various bad effects to your health. They can cause various effects like watering eyes, nasal congestion, headache, coughing and other health problems.

2. Respiratory issues

Air present inside the house contains various small dirt and dust particles and other pollutants. Indoor air pollution is one of the top five reasons for environmental risk to public health.

If the air is not filtered properly it can result in various respiratory issues like bronchitis, asthma hypersensitivity pneumonia.

3. High energy bills

If the indoor air is highly polluted than air filters will have to work hard to remove the dirt and the dust from the system. so the filters will get clogged quickly.

If the filters are dirty air flow inside the HVAC system will reduce making your system to work harder and results in high energy consumption.

4. More damage to HVAC system

The dust particles present in the air will move inside the air filters and unfiltered particles will move inside the system if your HVAC system becomes dirty it could damage the components inside the system and affect the performance of your unit.

Dirt on compressor, blower motor and other components will result in wear and tear and also reduce the life of your unit.

5. Breathing problems

Dirt particles like dust, debris and the pet dander present in the indoor air are leading reasons for the breathing problems for the members of the house.

Preventive steps

• Improve the ventilation of your house.
• Keep the air filters of your HVAC system clean.
• Use the air conditioner during summer to remove the humidity and keep yourself comfortable.




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