1500-Watt Electric Oil-filled Radiant Portable Heater



The NewAir AH-450B portable space heater is a great choice when it comes to convenience and portability. This particular unit has certified safety features such as overheat protection and a tip-over switch. The space heater runs without a fan, so in addition to being silent, it also distributes heat easily. No matter what type of temperature you are looking for, this is a perfect choice. It runs on 1,500 Watts, so it is a powerful space heater for one of its size. It will heat up to 150 sq. ft., and works well in a number of different places: Home, Office Space, Add-On Rooms, Produces Gentle and Safe Heat. The NewAir AH-450 portable space heater has many safety features that allow for gentle heat. It operates using oil so it provides safe and gentle heat without any alarming odors or fumes. The unit features a rounded design that fully encloses a heating element which safely heats the oil that is stored internally. The NewAir AH-450 portable space heater does not use a fan to distribute the heat, so it runs quietly and you won't even hear it. Easy to Transport, The NewAir AH-450 portable space heater is extremely easy to transport because of its portable design. The unit is also equipped with sturdy, easy glide castors and as well as a convenient carrying handle which allows it to be moved easily from room to room.

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