Troubleshooting Your Furnace Before Its Tune-up

Original: Things You Can Do To Troubleshoot Your Furnace Prior To Your Tune-Up Heating Service in Your City

troubleshooting your furnace before its tune-up

As summer months are coming to an end it becomes essential to prepare yourself for the cold winter months. You may think of calling a HVAC professional for your furnace tune-up or service.

Prior to calling a professional you can do the inspection of your furnace to find out the problems inside your furnace.

Here are certain troubleshooting tips for your furnace

1. Checking furnace filters

Check the filters of your furnace. Take out the filters of your furnace and put them near the light if you do not see any light coming from the filters means they are dirty.

Dirty furnace filters block the air flow of furnace, reduce its efficiency and damage the component of furnace.

2. Checking the blower motor belt

Make sure the belt which covers the blower motor is properly tied. Do the oiling of your motor. Hearing the grinding noises form the system indicates the problem in the motor bearing.

3. Pilot light of the furnace

If your furnace uses a standard pilot light make sure that it is lit. The pilot light should have the blue flame and not the yellow flickering flame. If the flame is yellow there might be a problem in your furnace.

4. Thermostat

Check that your thermostat is set at heating mode. Check the batteries and the wiring of your thermostat and make sure that thermostat is not programmed to a very low temperature otherwise furnace won’t turn on.

5. Make sure that burner is on

Once the pilot light is lit make sure that gas is supplied to furnace. If there is no gas supplied than there could be problem in gas valve or furnace control board.

If the burner comes on and turns off quickly than the flame sensor could be dirty or problem in furnace control board.

6. Blower motor

Once the burner is on the blower motor should start functioning within few minutes if the motor does not comes on there is a chance that furnace capacitor might have failed.

If you find any problem during the troubleshooting call professional for doing the repair work of your furnace.




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