What To Expect From Furnace Maintenance?

Original: What’s included in Furnace Service from Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning in Your City?

Rephrased: what to expect from contractors during furnace maintenance?

People relay on furnace to keep them warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. But for the furnace to run comfortably during the winter months it must be inspected by the professional before the start of every winter season.

Yearly furnace ensures that your furnace runs at its peak and provides you maximum energy efficiency. Regular furnace increases the life span of your unit.

Services provided during inspection

1. Changing air filters

Dirty air filters block the air flow inside the system and make the furnace work harder to heat your house. Dirty air filters are the major reason for most of the problems in your system.

2. Checking thermostat

Changing the batteries of the thermostat, checking the thermostat for to make sure its calibration is proper and also Checks the wiring of the thermostat.

3. Blower motor

Dirt build up in the blower motor affects the air flow and efficiency of the system so professionals clean the blower motor of your furnace. They also check the motor and do the repairing work if required.

4. Lubricating the moving component

Professionals must lubricate the moving components of your system. Lubricating the system reduces the friction, saves electricity consumption and also prevents your motor from failing.

Oil the blower motor bearings. Add a drop or two of lubricant to each of the motor’s oil cups, if it has any.

5. Gas burner section

Professionals check the gas pressure, gas or oil connection, heat exchanges and burner for cracks or damages. Checking these components is necessary for preventing your house from carbon monoxide gas leak.

6. Cleaning pilot light

After checking the gas burners professional clean the pilot light of the furnace which helps in saving fuel.

7. Electrical connections and system controls

Tightening electrical connections will help to extend the life of the components. They also check the controls of your furnace to make sure they are safe and in proper working condition.

In spite of yearly furnace inspection you must change the filters of your furnace every month to ensure its efficiency.



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